The CipherLogix Mission:

Driven by a relentless focus for success, CipherLogix’s mission is simple; understand our customers’ needs to deliver innovative cyber security solutions designed to defend and protect their most critical assets.  In doing this, we will provide operational excellence and meet or exceed our commitments to our customers. Our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be shaped by our fundamental values that are shared by each and every CipherLogix associate.

We specialize in delivering cyber security solutions

Security is a continuous process that requires a dedicated and disciplined approach that we bring to your organization.  We work to understand your organization, your people, your future and your information to ensure our solutions place your organization in the best possible security posture.

Our People Make the Difference in Our Success

At CipherLogix, we promote work-life effectiveness for all of our employees by creating a supportive, flexible, and collaborative work environment. We have a high performance culture, in which we provide the best for our team and expect the best from them in return. We treat our employees as individuals, professionals and key members of the team.


Client Commitment

We are committed to our client’s mission, priorities and ultimate success in everything we do.  We seek tight relationships with our clients and foster open collaboration for rapid response and sustained support.