Location: Ft. Meade, Maryland, United States (Full-Time)

Perform as a software engineer on a large agile team transitioning a mission-critical product from a Windows baseline to a Linux baseline. Shall have twelve (12) years experience in software development and engineering.

Required Qualifications:

  • Shall have twelve (12) years experience in software development/engineering, including requirements analysis, software development, installation, integration, evaluation, enhancement, maintenance, testing, and problem diagnosis/resolution.
  • Four (4) years demonstrated experience developing software for one of the following: Windows, UNIX, or Linux OS.
  • Experience with systems developed using with high level languages such as Java, Python, etc.
  • Shall have at least six (6) years of experience developing software with high level languages such as Java, C, or C++. At least four (4) years of this experience must have been obtained in the last seven (7) years.
  • Firm grasp of modem computer programming with a minimum of six (6) years experience in programming and development of application software for complex systems and software testing
  • Shall have two (2) years experience in the SIGINT environment.
  • Knowledge and experience with internals of HDFS, HADOOP, and/or Google’s BIG TABLE.
  • Experience with Hadoop clusters with 400 or more cores.
  • Familiar with the software development process described in the J-STD-016 and IEEEIEIA 12207, “Information technology-Software life cycle processes” and possesses at least two (2) years of experience developing software in accordance with these standards.
  • Able to communicate directions and provide guidance to junior programmer/analysts.
  • Extensive experience in planning and accomplishing goals and complicated tasks and providing consultation on complex projects as top-level contributor or specialist.
  • Experience in evaluating project needs, determining tasks and durations and allocating resources.
  • Knowledge and experience with developing distributed storage routing and querying algorithms.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or in a related technical field is highly desired which will be considered equivalent to two (2) years experience. A Master’s degree in a Technical Field will be considered equivalent to four (4) years experience.

NOTE: A degree in Communications, Computer Science, Mathematics, Accounting, Information Systems, Program Management, or similar degree will be considered as a technical field.