Required Qualifications:

At least two (2) years experience managing and monitoring large Hadoop clusters (>200 nodes).
At least two (2) years experience in the implementation and technical support of multi-platform, multi-system networks, including those composed of CISCO and UNIX or LINUX-based hardware platforms, to encompass diagnosing network performance shortcomings and designing and implementing performance improvements.
At least two (2) years experience implementing network solutions for complex, high performance systems composed of UNIX or LINUX-based hardware platforms.
Must be able to demonstrate the ability to work with OpenSource (NoSQL) products that support highly distributed, massively parallel computation needs such as Hbase, CloudBase/Acumulo, Big Table, etc.
Must have recent work experience with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of analytical needs and requirements, query syntax, data flows, and traffic manipulation.
Requires a Hadoop/Cloud Systems Administrator Certification.
At least two (2) years experience writing software scripts using scripting languages such as Perl, Python, or Ruby for software automation.
Must have technical experience and knowledge of peer-to-peer distributed storage networks, peer-to-peer routing and application messaging frameworks.
Must have significant experience provisioning and sustaining network infrastructures and have experience developing, operations, and managing networks required to operate in a secure PKI, IPSEC, or VPN enabled environment.
NOTE: A degree in Communications, Computer Science, Mathematics, Accounting, Information Systems, Program Management, or similar degree will be considered as a technical field.

Job Opportunities

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

Principle Systems Engineer/Architect
Principle Software Engineer
Principle Database Engineer
Advanced Software Engineer
Sr. Site Reliability Engineer
Sr. Cloud Systems Administrator
Sr. Cloud Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineer
Sr. Systems Engineer

Sr. Information System Security Engineer

Mid-Level Site Reliability Engineer
Cloud Systems Administrator
Cloud Software Engineer

Software Engineer