Required Qualifications:

Shall have fifteen (15) years of experience in software development/engineering, including requirements analysis, software development, installation, integration, evaluation, enhancement, maintenance, testing, and problem diagnosis/resolution.
Shall be able to communicate directions and provide guidance to programmer/analysts, as required.
Shall have four (4) years experience as a software development or lifecycle support lead or subsystem top level contributor on mission critical 24 by 7 SIGINT productions systems in one of the following areas:
Voice or video processing system requiring ingest of multiple audio and video formats, playback to end users, storage, and retrieval.
Transcription systems requiring input, synchronization and linkage with original content, storage, and retrieval.
Field deployable voice processing systems including data capture of multiple audio formats playback, ingest, storage and retrieval.
Average ingest, storage, content search and retrieval of 500GB/day or more of multilingual text.
Distributed Peer to Peer content storage and retrieval systems with more than 500 nodes
Metadata indexing, metadata summarization, content and metadata data mining, visualization and analytics.
Shall have four (4) years experience out of the most recent five (5) years developing solutions which integrated or extended COTS or GOTS products.
Shall have four (4) years experience in evaluating project needs, determining tasks and durations, allocating resources, generating and reviewing designs for technical accuracy, completeness and appropriateness in light of objectives, budget, and schedule, on DoD Agency projects.
Shall have six (6) years of demonstrated experience out of the most recent eight (8) years developing production software for one of the following environments: Windows .NET, Solaris, or Linux OS. Shall have six (6) years experience in developing systems performance, availability, scalability, manageability, and security requirements for mid to large scale system/programs.

NOTE: A degree in Communications, Computer Science, Mathematics, Accounting, Information Systems, Program Management, or similar degree will be considered as a technical field.

Job Opportunities

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

Principle Systems Engineer/Architect
Principle Software Engineer
Principle Database Engineer

Advanced Software Engineer

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer

Sr. Cloud Systems Administrator

Sr. Cloud Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineer
Sr. Systems Engineer
Sr. Information System Security Engineer

Mid-Level Site Reliability Engineer

Cloud Systems Administrator
Cloud Software Engineer
Software Engineer