Required Qualifications:

Shall have twelve (12) years experience in software development/engineering, including requirements analysis, software development, installation, integration, evaluation, enhancement, maintenance, testing, and problem diagnosis/resolution.
Four (4) years demonstrated experience developing software for one of the following: Windows, UNIX, or Linux OS.
Experience with systems developed using with high level languages such as Java, Python, etc.
Shall have at least six (6) years of experience developing software with high level languages such as Java, C, or C++. At least four (4) years of this experience must have been obtained in the last seven (7) years.
At least four (4) years experience managing and monitoring large Cloud System (>200 nodes). Cloud Systems Administrator or Developer Certification.
Firm grasp of modem computer programming with a minimum of six (6) years experience in programming and development of application software for complex systems and software testing
Shall have two (2) years experience in the SIGINT environment.
Knowledge and experience with internals of HDFS, HADOOP, and/or Google’s BIG TABLE.
Experience with Hadoop clusters with 400 or more cores.
Familiar with the software development process described in the J-STD-016 and IEEEIEIA 12207, “Information technology-Software life cycle processes” and possesses at least two (2) years of experience developing software in accordance with these standards.
Able to communicate directions and provide guidance to junior programmer/analysts.
Extensive experience in planning and accomplishing goals and complicated tasks and providing consultation on complex projects as top-level contributor or specialist.
Experience in evaluating project needs, determining tasks and durations and allocating resources.
Knowledge and experience with developing distributed storage routing and querying algorithms.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or in a related technical field is highly desired which will be considered equivalent to two (2) years experience. A Master’s degree in a Technical Field will be considered equivalent to four (4) years experience.

NOTE: A degree in Communications, Computer Science, Mathematics, Accounting, Information Systems, Program Management, or similar degree will be considered as a technical field.

Job Opportunities

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

Principle Systems Engineer/Architect
Principle Software Engineer
Principle Database Engineer

Advanced Software Engineer

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer
Sr. Cloud Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineer
Sr. Systems Engineer
Sr. Information System Security Engineer
Mid-Level Site Reliability Engineer
Cloud Systems Administrator
Cloud Software Engineer
Software Engineer